Who is IDADA?

IDADA, the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association, is a non-profit membership based organization of studio artists, art galleries and arts-related businesses within the 20 block square of the center of Indianapolis.

What does IDADA do?

The prime focus is the creation and marketing of unique and original art. IDADA’s mission is to:

  • Develop public awareness of the artist and art dealer
  • Encourage strong continuing community support for the visual arts
  • Promote the highest professional standards

How does IDADA operate?

IDADA is governed by its membership through a nine member Board of Directors, including a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Meetings are held in the Damenverein Suite @ the Athenaeum (enter through Rathskeller doors and take the elevator to the first floor) at 401 East Michigan Street. For meeting dates and times, contact info@idada.org.

How many members does IDADA have?

There are about 150 artists and 40 galleries and other types of arts venues and organizations who are members of IDADA.

Who is eligible to be a member of IDADA?

Anyone can be a member of IDADA!  Our membership includes studio artists, art galleries, and arts-related businesses in the IDADA area.  We also have members who are not associated with the arts or who live outside of the IDADA area. Click Here to Download IDADA Membership Form (PDF).

What are the benefits to joining IDADA? 

IDADA offers lots of networking opportunities for all of its members and provides a forum where people can talk about concerns they have for the visual arts and work toward improving awareness of the arts in Indianapolis.  We are an extremely active organization and have close ties with various organizations downtown, including the Arts Council of Indianapolis, NUVO, Urban Times, and many more.  Additionally, IDADA provides a place where member artists and galleries can have a unified, online presence and voice.  The Ethics & Fair Practices Committee also works to educate people about professional standards that are expected of and by artists and art galleries.

What is the IDADA First Friday Art Tour?

The IDADA First Friday Art Tour is IDADA’s longest-running program.  It is a free, self-guided tour that happens on the first Friday of every month and that is open to the public.  The tour includes artist studios and art galleries that are members of IDADA and located in the downtown area.  The IDADA First Friday Art Tour venues open their doors from about 6:00-9:00pm (or even later in some locations) to allow people to see their artwork.  There is no distinct beginning or ending point to the tour—people are encouraged to hop from studios to galleries as they please!  Each month, IDADA publishes a brochure that is available at participating locations and that is also available on the IDADA website.  The brochure includes a map of all of the IDADA First Friday venues as well as an alphabetical listing that explains what is going on at each venue.

Is there a shuttle for the IDADA First Friday Art Tour?

Occasionally. Watch our website and our Facebook Page for occasional updates on this popular service!